The Lido was built in 1935.

There are only 127 Lidos remaining in England.

The Ilkley Lido entertains 4000 visitors on a hot summer day.

Only 60 visitors buy a season ticket each year.

The season usually starts with a water temperature around 14 degrees Celsius rising to 22 degrees at its peak.

Ilkley Lido

A bit more history…

The Lido was designed by Archibald (Archie) Skinner Ilkley’s Surveyor & Water Engineer. It was opened in May 1935 as part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations for King George V. It has remained open since then from May to September each year and has attracted up to 150,000 visits per year (very variable dependant on weather).

It was designed with a large shallow area for children and to encourage beginners, and this shallow area was also to benefit from the heat of the sun. The deep area was suitable for water polo. There was a standard diving board at 14’ 6″ and a small baby chute. These unfortunately have had to be removed to adhere to current health and safety legislation.

The Lido was built to the ASA standards of the day and was considered to be one of the largest heated pools in the country. The pool has an unusual shape resembling the cross section of a sliced mushroom, the circular portion being 46 m in diameter. It also has a ‘rare example of a still unscreened fountain’. The very fact that the pool is not square also adds to its architectural interest and rarity.

The water handling and treatment system, including a large riveted sand filtration vessel is substantially as originally installed. The fountain that was in integral part of the original filtration system is still in place. The water is filtered, sterilized and returned to the Pool continuously, the whole of the water being treated every six hours.

A cafe was built, opening in August 1935, which seated 100 people. Taylors of Harrogate were employed to run the catering. This building remains unchanged externally.

2 thoughts on History

  1. This brings back very happy memories of days spent at the Lido when my Sons were youngsters. Their friends always seemed to be hanging around when they knew where we going and so we arrived as a small party, with enlarged picnic!

    The grassed areas were very welcome as places to spread a rug and laze the day away – Fantastic! Lovely to know it is still open.

  2. I came yesterday to see the lido as I was visiting Ilkley. My memories are of wonderful sunny afternoons spent there 70 years ago and I was delighted to see it in such excellent condition and being used by so many people. Congratulations on saving such an icon of its age, particularly the fountain.

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